Let’s say the main idea of ​​this letter early. When my dad was 12 years old, my father went with my mother’s daughter in the house. Of course, this was the first one and the last one did not go. But who would have imagined that the girl I remembered as a siblings would imagine that my life would be black, poisonous, hatred, and terrible. Now I am 30 years old, young. Also have a wife. My dad has hurt us so much that he can live with her. Whenever I drank and drunk and drank my mom, I was beaten by one of my parents. She had lived with her, but she did not live. My father did not do anything, either because of his wealth or life, or because he was useless.

I have more than one mother. But the numbers did not matter, but the more they suffered. I could not speak to my dad first. Every day when I was scared when I was scared, I was beaten. There was a life like a nightmare that could not have awakened. My mother beat her bones and beat her blood. Sometimes when I went to the countryside, everyone was happy and happy. No fear. When Dad arrived, his siblings were hidden in the wardrobe, and when he finished, he was tearful and trembling to open his eyes and to open them. My father and my son did not want to be tortured by how much he hated his father and hated his father.

Sometimes it was time to beat his father to break his throat, but he would have to hurt my mother. Anyway my parents are still together. My mother taught me, and that’s why my father shrugged off the day and hated it. Because of the karma of our own life today, we have no reputation among our children, no one talks with our father, and we have almost no relationship. Everyone is trying to live far away. I would try to stay away except for the moon, not just the moon. We can not say anything because we know what we have done. We are just like sheep now. Sometimes I say that I’m angry with my mother, but that’s what your own sinfulness means. It’s all about almost 20 years, but it’s not all that terrible pain, torture, and bitter life.

I’m drunk now, drunk and drunk, and I’m completely shaken by the whole trick. Just drunk on the streets, they only know when they walk. A drunk person. My friends are surprised to say hello, and you know how. Until then, The girl who tears and blood blades in our lives loses a spouse and beat the other spouse, and the baby is suffering from cancer. I think it’s really a real karmic cow to hear all the pain. Well, the kids were crying all night and night. As a surrendered sister, I was curious to the depths of my heart that I thought we were suffering. The case of the return of a Karma was not merely a girl I knew, but she had been running a cigarette, and then she had cancer and she had a hair. I also know one sister. Her husband was freaked out. We are waiting for the cancer cell and waiting for the night and day. Even if we play with the blood and blood of infants, especially if we play the kernels, we will not succeed.

There is a country like this where you can see your mom and dad as a happy, unlucky country. Both love and hate are over, now it’s just just a zombie sitting on TV in one room. My mom became more and more angry as time went on. No way. Whenever I think that I am a little girl, I love to care for her, and I have to make her life worse, so every time I look back, I’m regretted that I was regretted to death when I was in my life. Now, there is a couple in our house, and the husband is about to start 2-3. Her wives and children cry for dawn. I could hear it all, and I could sleep at night. People know that the police call them, they call the police and kill you. “I know that my husband is going to scream and the police do not help. I know I’m going to stay in prison for 3 days and I’m going to get tired of it, because I know that life has passed through me. The wives of the two girls are the ones who are in the dark, they do not know how to help and who do not know how to call them, because no one has helped us. Hold your husbands