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Another woman was killed by her husband. The women who skip week we lose their lives in the hands of most loved ones. Did the two sex and the gender dispute? What exactly is this society like, husbands, husbands and lover couples? What are the men who love Shunanga and ask for the warmth of their lives and their children? Who will give them birth and who will build them? What is the difference between our Muslim society and the stoning of women?

The question is very large. But there is one petition for parents and girls. Raise your daughters proudly. Love yourself. Once you have forgiven one of the sealed hands, remember that the hand is repeated again. Set your eyes and ears to your neighbors. You’re asleep when you’re sleeping on your wall while sleeping on your face. The sick man wept and groaned. The only thing that can be done with the pain of a person is to put an end to it. Take your phone immediately after hearing it. Collect the numbers and call the help. It’s just like this once in a row. There is always a violent threat from domestic violence. Never tell the truth because of the fear of a man who is violent. So look. Try to prove it as proof. What kind of men are we born? Which fathers raise this society? One is drunk. Somehow she changed her. What among us do we raise our daughters among the beasts that curse and curse?

Pride, girls. The right to nurture you with your fist is not the one you love and your partner. You have taken the oath of love. You have a natural duty to grow love. You do not have the right to hear the curse from the promised lips. There is no right to hand over your life to love. Do not go. Do not reconcile. Do not act. Do not hide it.