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I am just an ordinary girl living in 19’s. He has a boyfriend. He’s my brother. They all got to know their story and get them started
I went to college three years before my college graduation. In the factory. My family is in the camp. I’m the one who’s going to sit with one of the girls who are very different from the daughters of our generation, and I’m going to marry him and take a boy’s number for the boys. It’s a bad day. “” One day when I got sick of my practice, I smiled at the couple who were sitting on the bus in the summer bus. The young man who had grown up in the blue bus from the National University of Mongolia to the bus stops to see me look at me. l. I’m a Korean actress, but I think that’s the first love I’ve ever had. Then, after a moment of disappearance from the universe, after a moment of emotion, go straight to the job and ask for everything as you know it. (Gandhi the truth is said to all our young people.) Going home, you do not pick up your phone, your little devil. I almost wept over or over. All of a sudden I called to see you. Who is it? глл. After that day, I had to get home from the factory and always take a phone call from home to regular chat. After three years of marriage, I took my family to the movies and introduced them to my family. On that day the movie was over. The young man could not go home anymore and he would stay there for a night. I wore a blanket of robe in my shoes. It is difficult to be afraid of fear. He was asleep with a sleeping bag and then squeezed into a sleepy thought and wrapped his incredulous thoughts. But I always kept my house at home for 4 days. He’s since the movie watching. Since then, we have been dating for almost three years. Sometimes it hurts one another. Well, after 20 minutes of reconciliation. But a millionaire soldier went away. And it’s cool. The 4th day of the 013th grade was a hero and the schedule was not scheduled until now. It’s also awkward. But what went abroad, not in the military. Well, I’m sorry. Thank you for reading. Do not write negative comments. 🙂