… I thought I would answer one of the questions young women had asked me to answer. Is it one way of life when you are young, beaten, beaten, beaten, and seriously injured? No, girls. Never give up !! Do not allow anyone to harden your body and mind !! Think of yourself and peace and peace of mind. Do not believe that you’re using violence because you do not really love it. He beat you once and beat him again. You beat up and down you’re looking at your love and you’re not thwarting what you did wrong. He just does not like to see you, and he likes to have fun with your weaknesses. I thought I would say that the beautiful girls grew up not to kick their father and see that they were the juice of the person they thought they loved. Love yourself. Live far away from bad people. You’re the only one! The strong, strong women are crying, gentle. They are in the power of their heart and the right decisions are in doubt.

… A beautiful girl “Why should not a married person get married?” asked. Having a baby is not just a matter of carrying someone to prove love to anyone. And it’s a big mistake and a mistake to think that somebody is giving birth to a child, loving, caring, and limping with money.

First of all, if the birth of a child does not grow up in the love of the parents, it is better to think about what to say about his father when asked about his father. Do not hurt your head to think about his wife and children. Think of yourself first.

An unlucky man never goes out to a spouse or born. If you are a young man who loves you, you will not have a family. Just think that you are ready to raise your child alone.

Love yourself! If you are going to be the only one who is supposed to be the only one who is supposed to be the only one to be married, let him take a reputation as a child, and try to keep your child happy. You think you are day and night, when you say your name, your voice trembles, and you believe in the man who will devote himself to your presence.