This family living in Tushig soum, Selenge province.
Because of the difficulty of speaking from his beloved wife, he is disabled and has a disability with his forehead.
That’s why it’s just a dream for adults to be physically handicapped and at least to keep up with their feet …
The family did not dream about getting married.
A young man named Mmmongolghung suddenly came to his life and offered to live, care, and care for his happiness.
The girl who was warmly affectionate to her eyes, and she was not able to resist her.
~ I was never dreaming about my family and children because I was thinking about my treatment … but now I’m very happy with the power of the good …
Husband and wife:
When I first saw my face, I just liked it, loved it, and it was not ordinary.
My dad and I have a living and live together. My parents said:
~ My son, if you think you can, you can do it yourself! I am very happy to say that your life is. My father is now a middle school school teacher.
He was so happy to talk about … He took a loaf of bread and put it in a store, worked on a steam boiler, and built a barrack of barrels, and took over the house for two years.
What’s happening to human life is ending.
There are a lot of things like car and parking, and there is a lot of things that you can do with your wife. You can not cure 100% of your cure, but you do not get cured if you are walking on foot.
So, how many tithes and collections are going to be spent, and the hospital is going to be going to the capital soon enough.
When he does not go, he can only cook and make flour, or wait for dumplings and wait in the refrigerator when he comes in his knees.
Her husband was full of smiles and was happy to talk about it.
When I put my bread in the flour, I went to work, and my wife made bread in the oven.
Two other couples are also BOOKS JUSTICE, their 3-year-old daughter.
His fears were his first legs and his very fear (a child with a disability like me) …
But how can a husband make a baby? I decided to settle everything.
God saw that she had a pretty, sweet girl.
Nowadays, a huge increase in the role of Dad has increased the health of his daughter.
In the morning, when she brought her daughter to the garden, she gave her bread to the grocery store by the evening, and she had the chance to get her late night.
But she was full of optimism and happiness in her life, and she was more than happy. She loved her when she talked about her life. She loved her and loved her. She was proud to be a good father and a good father.
I was thinking of the men in Mongolia that they had such an indefinable and irreverent debt.
We are suffering, it’s hard for us to suffer and be annoyed.
But it’s just around the corner of the family.
Only one man puts his hands in his or her hands and covers two warm hearts and a warm heart in his bosom, and he cares for them and cares for them.
All the people who have been created by their deeds have been successful.
But there are so many Mongolians here, who are willing to fulfill their duty to the people who are silent, to quietly build everything, to seek happiness for others.
They believe there are many.
It’s not just about reading this text, but we’re proud of such people as well, and we want to bring our children to the right and the right people.
Real man, humane, quietly fighting and struggling …. He is a natural man who is hugging his arms, embracing his daughter, and working with his hands.
The small amount of money you earn is a purely spiritual worth of pure gold.
2019 ~ 4 ~ 14.