Photo by Vladimir Tsokalo

Life is not a game girls. If a husband does not choose a husband, he’ll be old enough to know him later in a few years. Everything that is good is good, and not everyone loves it. The only one who has faith is to leave behind one day and leave the seed for a while to save the horror of abortion. You do not feel like you’re the one who loves the pain. It’s hard for you to find a man from the country who is the one who leads you to the hospital, who talks with you, talks with you together, who does not care about your taste but not your health. Let’s look at the man who is the head of the family and that’s the father of my son. All those who love to be loved and to give flowers, and who are romantic in their lives, are not married.
You’re worried about the first month of your life, when you have a baby, give birth to a child, have a pain, and have a family life, and have a mouth-watering life. . Stay with the guy who’s calling you to make you change. It is not against you but against a thousand people. These are the ones who love too much reputation.
In this society it is difficult to become a woman. It’s even harder to become a married man’s wife. It is a bad idea that our Mongolian men have a bad coat. It’s dehydrated to cook, to cook, to wash your clothes, and even to make a mistake. If you’re a wife, you do not have to care for your mom, do not let your dreams come true, not to be the property of a man, to bring a baby to a baby. A man can not deceive his wife, but the wife does not have to go back. A healthy marriage is maintained by a man who maintains the sacred priesthood. If you forgive the man for a moment and lose his faith, let him leave his life. There is no rule that life must be tolerated for the family.
As a married man and a man, the “good wives” of the time have passed away. Dreams do not wait for your youth. You are not a good wife, a good woman, who is a good man. Do not live by reason of others’ expectations. The man who loves you wants to be a happy woman who wants you to be a good wife. Not everyone is bad.

Lastly, let’s look at the man who is a man who is too big a man, a liar, a man who does not care about your health, a man, a lazy man and a man who has never left your father’s house, and a man who is an ally of you. Do not love your whole life as you like.