I want to share something with you and get advice.
I have a single mother with only one child this year
It’s been 3 years since your husband’s death
The old man is now married
For me, I met a person, but I do not think I would have to sit with this person anymore
Because of your child’s mind, it’s because of his behavior as a hard man
The most important thing is that in my life, almost 10 years ago, or one of the guys running behind me
I still love you when I was with my husband when I was not with my husband (but I did not have any part in my life when I was married) but still I can still be a good father of a loved one I love you I wait for you
Wait a while I told you I did not have to wait, but wait
He’s a very good person
I think maybe a good man can live a good life with someone who is very respectable to me, but I can not accept the soul so I do not have that kind of person.
Now the young and old husbands look like they have a similar attitude
How long have you been to a good woman when I was a good person for a long time ago?
How can I make sure that I do not call him personally?
Can a woman never be with her at all?