I’m 35 years old. Not sitting with people. I’ve been friends for 6 months now. He had a wife with a fifth grade, but he went to Korea to divorce, but he did not have time to wait, but his wife went to Korea. I had a good time living with a man who had a good chat with him. I was so excited that he was just reading the words I had just read. I was so excited to say what he was supposed to say to him. He would still be nice to your child I do not know what to do or what to do if I make a baby, if I make a baby, it is a bit different, but it is actually a bad baby, but I think how good it will be to change it. I do not want to sit down with my wife and tell her to tell me something else. ☹️😥 I feel like I’m getting excited and so I’m going to die, but I’m disappointed. Please Need advice.